Become a Customer!

Our Requirements...
We do not sell to individuals. We sell only to businesses - but due to the nature of our product lines we deal with a wide variety of business types. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at (800) 351-5515.
Washington Customers:  You need to have a Washington State Business License in order to purchase product from us. If you provide us with a copy of your Resellers Permit your purchases are exempt from sales tax.
Out of state customers: Your purchases from us are exempt from sales tax if we ship it directly to your out of state business. If you pick up product from our warehouse, we must charge you sales tax unless you can provide us a Washington State business license and resellers permit.
Non-profit Entities: Generally speaking we treat you just as we would a business. There are exceptions for sales tax collections for fundraisers - please call us and we will explain your options.

State Requirements...
If you are a new business, Washington's Department of Revenue website will answer most any question you have. Here are some links that you may find helpful:

Washington Department of Revenue - General Information
Application for Resellers Permit
Sample Permit (so you'll know what it looks like)
Requirements for Contractors
Information in Korean
Information in Russian
Information in Spanish

How to Sign Up...
You have a couple options:
#1 - Stop by our showroom / warehouse, pop into the office and fill out the new customer application.  Be sure to bring a copy of your resellers permit if you have one.
#2 - Download a copy of our new customer application RIGHT HERE.  Fill it out and fax it to us at (253) 472-9758.  We'll have your buyers pass waiting for you when you stop by.
#3 - Sign up via our website.  This will give us all the information we need (though you still have to get us a copy of your Resellers Permit if you have one.)  We will review your information and approve your account within one business day.