In addition to our product offerings, Washington Floral is offering a range of logistics services to the Northwest regional area.

Cold Chain Shipping...
Buying direct? We understand that it's a fact of life in today's market. We let you leverage the volume of our inbound shipments by combining your product with ours. Product ships from depots in Miami or California in a continuously cold environment, on a predictable schedule. They remain in our coolers until they are delivered to you by our trucks or picked up by you. Ship any number of boxes you want - just tell your source to ship via Prime / WFS Cold Chain Logistics.

Local Logistics Service
Want to add "delivery to your door" to our Cold Chain Shipping? No problem. Or are you a vendor who needs to turn a large load of incoming product into small (and possibly uneconomical) deliveries in our area? We can help. Our Local Logistics Service allows you to take advantage of our fleet of trucks which are already covering the territory.

Expedite Miami Airfreight
More interested in cutting down the time it takes to get your product from Miami to Seattle? Your boxes can ride with ours on a Monday flight out of Miami, and be ready for your use the very next day. All this, for a rate probably cheaper than you pay for a truck.

South American Consolidation
Washington Floral also runs import consolidations from both Colombia and Ecuador. If you are currently purchasing on a farm-direct basis you may find this a very cost-effective alternative to letting the growers control your freight. All products are booked on early flights to Miami, where they are processed in a state of the art logistics facility.

Purchase & Billing Services
If you like to specify your vendors, but have us handle the purchase and individual store billing for your products please ask us for more information on this service.

Pricing Information for logistics services:

Cold Chain Shipping
Miami to Tacoma $4.10 per cubic foot *
California to Tacoma $3.25 per cubic foot *

* plus fuel surcharge as applicable. Currently 35%

Local Logistics Service
Washington Floral cooler to your door.
$3.00 per box Minimum $35 charge

Expedite Miami Airfreight
Miami to Tacoma $5.95 per cubic foot *

* plus airline fuel surcharge as applicable. Currently 38%

South American Consolidation
Prices change on a fairly regular basis, so the following prices should be used for estimates only. Call us for more detailed information.

Bogota $23.00 per box *
Medellin $19.50 per box *
Ecuador $35.00 per box *

* quoted in Full Box Equivalents - 41 x 20 x 7
* Overweight charges may apply to boxes over 20 kilos

Consolidation prices will be all inclusive for transportation from origin to your chosen shipping point in Miami. ATPDEA duties additional.

Prices effective as of June 1, 2011