Commercial Accounts

Stop on by - we'd love to show you around!

We serve a huge variety of different types of businesses - everything from flower shops and grocery stores to dog groomers buying ribbon for poodle bows. No matter what type of business you are involved in we undoubtedly have things here to help you out.  Signing up online will give you access to all the commercial portions of our website, and we'll have a buyers pass waiting for you when you visit us.  Or you can just stop by and do it the old fashioned way with ink on paper. We do require simply that our commercial accounts have a state business license, and are using the product in some commercial manner.  The only other thing we would need is a copy of your Washington State Resellers Permit if you are reselling the product and don't want us to charge you tax.  Our prices within the warehouse are marked at retail, and you will get the wholesale discount from your purchases at the time of invoicing.