Accent Decor - Free Freight ProgramAccent Decor - Free Freight Program

Next Order Deadline: Wednesday, November 13th       For Delivery: 2-3 weeks after ordering

We have also recieved confirmation on deadline dates through the remainder of 2019, they are as follows:

- May 22nd

- June 26th

- July 24th

- September 4th

- October 9th

- November 13th

Orders go in monthly now! 

Our Accent Decor monthly order program has been a monster success for us.  Although they offer some of the most well-priced and spot on styling, both the freight costs and breakage problem can be a killer.

We solve both those problems for you!

Each month we consolidate your Accent Decor orders with ours, and bring them all in to our warehouse for distribution.  Everything is palletized and secure, so breakage isn't a problem.  Since we bring in such large quantities, so that killer freight cost, ends up not costing you a thing.  All this - at Accent Decor's catalog price.

*Please note: Accent Decor Direct orders are considered special orders and are considered non returnable unless quality issues are present. Quality issues will be handled accordingly.

Want to take a look at their current catalogs?  Here are the links: