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Getting flowers from harvest to home is nothing short of tricky! It takes teamwork from all players in the supply chain to maintain cold temperatures, carefully handle boxes, maintain cleanliness and treat stems effectively and affordably to guarantee quality, consistency, beauty and longevity of the incredible floral bouquets and arrangements we produce.

Minimizing flower waste is one of the most effective ways to reduce your environmental footprint. Not only does it save the stem, but it saves everything that went into getting that stem to the hands of the consumer.

3 simple steps to reduce waste:

1- Clean

2- Cold

3- Care

FloraLife® Express Ultra 300 & FloraLife Crystal Clear® Ultra

Ultra concentration means the product is optimally concentrated to significantly reduce waste in water, packaging and transport. This means the product has all the great benefits of the regular FloraLife® Express 300 and FloraLife Crystal Clear® feeding solutions but more optimally concentrated, leading to a lower overall footprint on the planet.

NEW FloraLife® QuickMix Handheld Dosing System

Dosing postharvest products accurately while also remaining affordable and easy to use has often been an issue. Inaccurate dosing leads to sub optimal performance from your hydration and feeding solutions, reducing the impact your efforts can have.

The FloraLife® QuickMix handheld dosing system is a compact, accurate and affordable dosing system that easily connects to any water source and can be used with the majority of FloraLife® hydration and feeding products.

Features & Benefits

  • An affordable and compact solution for dosing fresh-cut flowers.
  • A highly accurate way to dose and avoid sub-optimal performance from your hydration and feeding solutions.
  • Easy to adjust between dosing settings.
  • Compact and easy to use.
  • Refillable canister that allows for easy monitoring of solution level.
  • Highly accurate dosing.
  • Suggested use between 30 and 50 psi.
  • Dispensing rate, 14 l/min / 3.7 GPM (assuming average water pressure).
  • Mixes and dispenses FloraLife® products with water at rates of 2ml, 5ml, 10ml and 20ml/L.
  • 3/4” GHT connection.
  • Swiss-made.